Interesting facts:
    •There is still debate as to which Order Acanthaster planci belongs to. Many believe that it should be placed in the Spinulosida Order because it has elongated spines; however, experts argue that Acanthaster planci has more morphological features related to organisms in the Valvatida Order such as clamp-like pedicellariae, specialized ossicles to increase flexibility, and two rows of tube feet.
   •On the coral reefs around the island Moorea, French Polynesia, an outbreak occurred and was observed by researches. It was noted that outbreaks originate in confined areas in the exposed base of the reefs. Eventually, the starfish progressively make their way in waves of migration to spread across the entire reef system. The direction of the migration can be followed with intense depletion of living coral activity. Acanthaster planci can decimate entire populations of coral in just one sweep of an outbreak showing how devastating this specimen can be to ecosystems (PLos One 7[10]).
    •Acanthaster planci is one of the largest sea stars species.
    •Can grow up to 23 arms.
    •It can regenerate lost arms.

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