Depending on where you find a Leopard Cat, they can look very different from each other.   On average, a Leopard Cat would be around the size of your cat at home.  If the cat is from Northern Asia, they tend to be larger, have longer coats, and a lighter fur color.  The Southern counterpart is smaller, darker, and has a shorter fur coat.  In addition, the Leopard Cat's fur color will vary depending on its actual habitat that it is found it.  If the Leopard Cat lives in a snowier region, it will have a paler coat to help blend in.  And adversely, if the cat is from a forested region, it will have a darker coat for camouflage.  Leopard Cats also evolved webbed paws and very large eyes to maximize its ability to survive.

Here is a Leopard Cat blending in to its environment:



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