Fun Facts!

The Little Gray Barnacle is a fun and interesting creature. We have put together a page of fun facts about this barnacle for your enjoyment.

  • It Grows to a maximum size of 0.5 cm ( 1/5 inch)

  • It is made up of six calcium carbonate triangular plates that are fused together with walls between the plates. The gray, wavy suture lines on the plates easily distinguish this species from other barnacles.

  • The barnacle is hermaphroditic. This means it has both male and female sex organs. However, it cannot self fertilize.

  • The barnacles spend most of their life "standing on their head and eating on their feet" (!

  • The glue the barnacle uses to stick to rocks is being used for medical purposes. Dentists and surgeons are currently studying its adhesive properties to learn how it can stick to wet surfaces so well.

  • Chthamalus fragilis is not a fan among seamen as it sticks to the hulls of boats and increases friction which causes them to move slower and consume more gas.

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