Photo By: Brian Bollig


About Carybdea alata

       Welcome to our webage! This webpage includes the various information of the Carybdea alata also know as the Sea Wasp or Hawaiian Box Jellyfish. It includes information regarding its habitat, reproduction, form and function, species interactions, classification, and many other interesting facts. This marine animal is a box jellyfish also known as one of the of Sea Wasps due to their sting that causes excruciating pain (Nomura et al. 2002).  This Cnidaria is known as the Hawaiian Box Jellyfish due to their habitat being in the tropics and their abundance on the shores of Hawaii (Carrette et al. 2014).  Keep viewing this website specifically designed to provide more fun facts and features of this tropical animal!  Continue to our classification page to learn more!

Photo By: Jonathan Bird