Photo By: Brian Bollig


Interesting Facts


       *Carybdea alata is commonly mistaken for the deadly Chironex fleckeri (“the sea wasp”), but is not in fact lethal itself (Wakikki Aquarium). Visit Wakikki Aquarium to learn more.

     Photo By: Smithsonian National Museum of National History

      Pictured above is the deadly Chironex fleckeri

     *They have a life span of only one year (Site Map 2009).


   *Peeing on a jellyfish sting to soothe it is a myth (Soto, T.D. 2013). To learn more about Carydea alata's sting navigate to Interaction with Other Species.


   *Cndarians eat and excrete waste out of the same cavity (Prezi 2014).


Photo by: © 2013 Moorea Biocode

Pictured above is a Carybdea alata ingesting a fish


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