Intersting Facts

We chose Velociraptor mongoliensis initially because it was not only our favorite dinosaur, but also very popular in modern culture.  Although V. mongoliensis was not the six foot tall, non-feathered, recreational killer we had grown up being terrified of, the more primary literature we read about this theropod, the more interesting and intimidating this beast became.   We hope you feel the same way as we did as you read through the different pages of our website.  Try to recreate the scenes in your head as you read, rather than just to get the bullet points--if you do, we promise it will be enough to make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck!

April 18th is Velociraptor Awareness Day!  Celebrate by using the knowledge gained from this website to help debunk the myths about Velociraptor!  Here are two funny websites promoting the day but, unfortunately, not the facts.

                             Drawing of V. mongoliensis