Phelsuma laticauda gecko



The gold dust day gecko eats mostly small insects, such as small crickets, roaches, mealworms, waxworms, and other various types of worms. They also enjoy eating anything sweet and have been known to lick sweet substancetances such as jelly off objects put out by people such as oranges. EatingThey require a large amount of water which is why they tend to live mostly around coastal areas, without water they tend to be less active. (Switak, K. H)They need to ensure that they can find adequate water for survival. Like most Geckos, they require calcium for survival especially femal Gecko's that are laying eggs. Without proper Calcium and minerals they are not able to regenerate new tails if they are put into the situation where they must drop theirs.  (Saenko, S.V., Teyssier, J., van der Marel, D., and M.C. Milinkovitch, 2013).bug
(Both photos courtesy of
Samatha Rakotopare)