Fun Facts

  • Seahorses are often caught accidently through non-selective fishing products. This is called bycatching, and is a threat to all species of seahorses (Lourie and Foster 2004).
  • Dried seahorses are often a source for traditional medicines, often in Chinese cultures. In Asia alone, 45 tonnes (45,000 kg) of these dried seahorses were traded in 1995 (Lourie and Foster 2004).
  • Bargibanti seahorses are usually found in groups ranging from 2-28 on a single sea fan. Learn more about it in the Life History/Reproduction  page.
  • The Guinness World Records has stated that the seahorse is the slowest fish in the ocean and that its stature of less than an inch makes it one of the smallest vertebrates!
  • Perhaps the most astounding fact on this tiny seahorse is its tiny stature, as seen in the photo below!
  • Because of this tiny stature, H. bargibanti was discovered by accident. Scientists were examing the host species, Muricella, when they noticed the seahorse under the microscope (Encyclopedia of Life).The tiny stature of the seahorse, photo used with permission by Paddy Ryan

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