Even though the Bos primigenus is extinct, it is still a fascinating organism to learn about! It is possibly the most recent common ancestor of the modern day cow! Keep reading for some interesting and fun facts about this amazing creature.

Did you know that the word aurochs is both singular and plural?


This creature is found painted in many Eurpoean caves like the ones shown here. These cave paintings and skeletal remains are what helped scientests determine what the Aurochs looked like. Thats pretty cool!




The Bos taurus can be identified by their noseprints (Facts About Cows 2012). Now that is pretty interesting! 

The Aurochs was once legal to hunt as wild game only to nobles and royal households. This is strange to think that our know modern day cow was once being hunted like a deer would in todays world!

 The Bos taurus have a very good sence of smell and can smell someting 5 miles away(Hayes 2007)! Thats a long way! Click here to find out about the Gray Wolf which also has a very acute sense of smell.

Did you know that the Aurochs may be making a comeback to Europe? Check out this website if you want more information!

Do you not believe anything you just read? Well check our references, just click the link!


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