Who are the Scientists?

Thank you for visiting our website! This site was a project for our Organismal Biology class where groups of individuals selected a unique species to research, explore, and educate. The world is filled with a vast amount of organisms and this ongoing project has only dipped the surface of them. Our research on the Megascops kennicottii is part of a database that will continue to grow for years to come. By learning about the organisms that surround us everyday will help us all have a better understanding of our purpose and expand our conscience of the world around us!

Alex wrote the Habitat and Life History pages and Meaghan wrote the Form and Function and Interactions pages. The rest of the pages were a collaborative effort to complete this project.

 Alex Olson
I am Alex Olson and a fourth year student at UW-La Crosse. My majors are Biology with a biomedical concentration and Pre-Medicine and minors in chemistry and business administration. After completing my undergraduate degree, I plan to continue my education and earn my master’s degree in a field related to physiology, toxicology, and chemistry and how it affects health and development of humans and animals. My love for science grows everyday and my experience with this project has contributed to a foundation for the future endeavors I will pursue in academia. When I am not immersing myself in my studies, I enjoy exploring my hobbies and interests. My favorite things to do outside of academia are photography, drinking a nice hot cup of coffee, catching up with friends over drinks, cooking, and anything outside (when the weather is warm, of course). Overall, I like to enjoy life and learn as much about this world as I can during my lifetime. If you have any questions, please contact me at olson.ale2@uwlax.edu.  Thank you for visiting our page!

Meaghan Howell
My name is Meaghan Howell and I am currently a sophomore at UW-La Crosse. I am majoring in Exercise and Sports Science with a Biology minor and I plan on attending physical therapy school when I finish my undergraduate work. As for what I enjoy doing for fun, I am on the track and field team here at UWL in which I compete in the pole vault. I was also a gymnast for 11 years before college and I continue to give back to the sport by coaching gymnastics at the YMCA in La Crosse. Even though I am mainly interested in human anatomy, BIO 203 is a very beneficial and interesting course because there are so many unexpected biological relations that humans have with other organisms. I hope you enjoyed and learned something new about the western screech owl and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at howell.meag@uwlax.edu.


Our instructor is Dr. Meredith Thomsen. If you have any questions or concerns with our webpage, please be sure to contact them at mthomsen@uwlax.edu.

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