Omus californicus- California Night-stalking Tiger Beetle



     Hello, my name is Cameron Terrell and I am currently a sophmore here at University of La Crosse-Wisconsin majoring in Biology with an aquatic emphasis and minoring in anthropology. After I graduate I want to take more SCUBA classes and become a SCUBA dive instructor.

     Hello, my name is Alexis (Alex) Marquardt and I am currently a freshman at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse majoring in Biology under Pre-Med. I hope to attend graduate school after UW-La Crosse and focus on the specific area of gynecology. Science has always been a strong passion, first iniatied by my middle school teacher Mrs. Blazek who teaches at St. Anthony School Menomonnee Falls, WI. Following grade school, I continued to expose myself to all realms of science including Biology and AP Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Astronomy, Anatomy and Physiology and I had the wonderful oppurtunity to attend a three week course in Marine Biology in Hawaii over the 2012 summer. Therefore, my path toward the medical sciences poses a suitable and intelligent decicsion based upon my interest in science.

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This website was created for an Organismal Biology course webpage project under the direction of Dr. Meredith Thomsen, and Dr. Greg Sandland for the University of La Crosse- Wisconsin.



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