BIO 203

Who are we?


Who is Elizabeth Nakhla?
Used with permissionI am a freshman at the University of La Crosse. I am planning on majoring in biology and a psychology minor to that depending on how everything goes. I would like to attend physician assistant school after my undergraduate degree at La Crosse. I have always wanted to help people in some great way, and becoming a physician’s assistant is a great way that I can do that. In my spare time I enjoy attending CRU, hanging out with friends, and relaxing in the outdoors. I also enjoys learning about new thing and interesting animals, which is why this bug was a good pick. From day to day I realize that I learn something new and really enjoys that. If you have any questions on any of the pages but in particular the habitat and interactions or adaptations you can contact me at





Megan Senior Pic for Contact Page

Who is Megan Buchheit?
I am currently a freshman at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I am currently majoring in biology along with the plan of pre-dentistry. I hope one day to become a dentist and open up my office to help others. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends, reading, and baking. I had fun looking up this unique caterpillar and hope you found it as interesting as I did. I created the life history page along with the page on venom. Feel free if you have any questions to contact me at


We both are organismal biology students (Bio 203). We were assigned to research and create a website on a chemically defending arthropod. Throughout our quest to find the perfect arthropod we finally found the giant moth larva and knew it was the perfect fit for us. All the students for Bio 203 are required to make a website, so if you found ours interesting, you can take a look at others at There have been websites made for this class since 2007, so there is a large variety of plants and animals that you can look up and learn some cool and interesting facts about!

If you want to contact our professors:
Klein, Barrett
Sandland, Greg
Thomsen, Meredith