Taken from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3ABotta's_pocket_gopher.jpg. Photo of a pocket gopher leaving its burrow.

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This website was created for BIO 203 during the spring of 2014 as part of a class effort to better understand organisms and how they interact with their environment. This site is a cashe of knowledge on Thomomys bottae intended to be used as a learning and teaching tool. Listed below is the name of the student who created this site.

Sarah Stepanik: A junior at UW-La Crosse. Majoring in archaeology and minoring in anthropology and biology. In the future I would like to study Neanderthal and modern human interaction and culture. I am persuing a minor in biology in order to better understand the physiological and genetic differences between modern humans and Neanderthals, so that I will be better able to understand the differences in their lifestyles.

I can be contacted by email at: stepanik.sara@uwlax.edu

A personal photo of me at UW-La Crosse's archaeological field school.
A photo of me at UW-La Crosse's archaeological field school.