Fun Facts!

When looking into the most tenacious species known to man, the Honey Badger (Mellivora capensis) holds ground as a fearsome competitor.  Despite its small stature, this species shows no fear when in the face of danger, scaring off lions and hyenas that are more than twice its size! With a rough attitude and a never ending desire for survival, the honey badger truly is one intriguing species.  To learn some fun facts about the honey badger, check it out below!The honey badger preparing to attack; Used with permission by Keith and Colleen Begg

  • In African environments, the Honey Badger is generally reffered with the common name "Ratel".  It is said that this name originates from the frightening rattling sound the honey badger makes when it is being attacked.    (Begg, 2012)

  • Honey Badgers have a resistance to snake venom.

  • If a honey badger is being stung by multiple bees, it can release a fume that spreads throughout the bee hive, stunging the attackers (Begg, 2012).

  • When attacking larger animals, such as lions, honey badgers attempt to emasculate them by biting their scrotum (Begg, 2012). Ow!

  • Honey badgers have the ability to live up to 24 years, yet the majority only survives about 7-8 years (Begg, 2012).

  • Honey badgers have become popular within the media due to a youtube video with a hilarious talk-over of a documentary of the honey badger in the wild.  Check out the video below! (DISCLAIMER: The video below does contain some satirical profanity. Proceed at viewer's own risk.)


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