Fun Facts

The spotted sea hare initially caught our eye due to its ability to ink when harassed and we were further enticed by the magnificent purple color of the ink itself. After running a quick google search, we were amazed at the few number of sites dedicated to this little opisthokont! Once admitting to ourselves that we had never heard of nor seen a sea hare in our lives, we decided to dedicate our time towards putting together a one stop spot for mostly everything you would want to know about Aplysia dactylomela.

  • A diet consisting mostly of red algae can have the effect of coloring the slug a darker red while a diet heavy in silicone can prevent the slug from being able to float well and thus, swim (Marine Invertebrates of Bermuda).

  • The sea hares form chains of organisms when there is more than one organism avaiable for copulation. (Encyclopedia of Life 2008)

  • The penis of A. dactylomela is located in the head of the organism! (Klussman-Klob 2004).