Liza vaigiensis



The Liza vaigiensis is unique when it comes to the food chain. When it comes to consumption for the Liza vaigiensis, it eats at the bottom of the food chain, but when it comes eating for other fish, the Liza vaigiensis is at the middle to the upper part of the food chain. Since the Liza vaigiensis can grow so large, but only tends to live in shallow water, where predators are limited.

Figure 4.1 Winning mullet at Torbay Fish Festival
Picture: Courtesy of Phil Hyde

 Since the Liza vaigiensis can grow so large, it is a fish that humans like to catch and sell to fishing markets. Since they are detritivores, they cannot be caught with live fish bait. This can make them tricky to fish for because typically, they only will hit on dough or earthworms under a float (Sea-Ex, 2014). They then can serve as a dual purpose after they are caught depending on individual size. The larger ones are sent off to the fishing market, while the smaller ones are kept and taken do different parts of the sea, hooked, and used as bait (Myers, 1991).

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