The two-toed sloth is a very interesting and (in our opinion) “cute” animal. Its face is shaped in a way that it always looks like it is smiling and its slow movement makes it easy to observe. There are many interesting or “cool” things about the two-toed sloth.

· Sloths have a very slow digestive system that can take up to a month to digest food; because of this they only defecate once a week (Felton-Church, 2000).
· Besides being different from three-toed sloths in amount of digits on the front limbs, two-toed sloths are also slightly larger than three-toed sloths (Feldhamer, 2007).
· As McCrane found, bright light can distress young sloths (as cited in Adam, 1999).
· Goffart noticed that when cold, sloths do not shiver, but instead curl up in attempt to conserve heat (as cited in Adam, 1999).
· Known for being lazy, sloths can sleep up to 18 hours a day (Klein, n.d.).
· Despite their inability to efficiently move along the forest floor, sloths are fairly good swimmers (Feldhamer, 2007).
· While most mammals have 7 cervical vertebrae, two-toed sloths may have 5, 6 or even 8  (Feldhamer, 2007).
· Though mostly silent, two-toed sloths will hiss, cry or moan if distressed (Felton-Church, 2000).
· Eisenberg and Maliniak found that groups of C. didactylus in captivity tended to all defecate at the same time (as cited in Adam, 1999).

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