Interesting Facts!

  • We chose this particular organism for our project after it had been randomly assigned to us. We both enjoy living our lives as the cards are dealt to us, and so we chose to stick with the Balaeniceps rex and enjoy learning about an organism we otherwise would not have picked, and also had no clue even existed!
  • Others should find the Balaeniceps rex interesting because of its uniqueness. For example, this particular bird has the ability to stand nearly motionless while trying to find food for itself (Guillet 1978). Can you stand motionless while waiting for food? Erin and Bridget both know they sure can't!
  • Another intersting fact about this bird is that it is rarely seen in the wild, but some people are fortunate enough to view the Shoebill Stork in a wildlife education center (Shoebill Stork 2005).


If you would like to find out any more information regarding the Shoebill stork, feel free to contact us !