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We created this website for our Organismal Biology course at UWL taught by Professor Meredith Thomsen and Professor Gregory Sandland.

My name is Alyxandra Walters and I am a freshman at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. I am currently majoring in biology with a minor in chemistry. Some of my passions and hobbies are family, school, and being active. Although I don't as much as I'd like, I enjoy traveling and learning new things about the world around me. In my future, I plan to go onto graduate school and ultimately become a chiropractor. This has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember, as well as, studying the work of acupuncture. I know that I have a long road ahead of me, but I love the journey I am starting to take! I worked on the life history and reproduction, habitat and geography, form and function, and also helped with the fun facts page! These pages helped me to understand more about our organism and how amazing the Clark's Sphinx is!



My name is Laura Wells and I'm a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. My major is biology and I plan on pursuing a career as a physical/occupational therapist or a Physician Assistant. I job shadowed a few of my aunts this last J-term and realized that any of these careers would be the perfect fit for me. I live in the small town of Somerset, WI with my parents, two older sisters, younger brother, and golden retriever/lab named Maya. Two of my favorite things to do are go camping and hiking with my family. I also like to play sports (basketball, volleyball, and soccer), travel, and hang with friends. For our website, I worked on the pages classification, nutrition, interactions, and some of the fun facts page. Researching about these specific topics were very interesting to me and gave me a better understanding of the Clark's Sphinx Moth overall.


This page was last updated April 25, 2014.

Please contact us at or with any questions you may have! You may also contact either of our professors, Dr. Gregory Sandland at or Dr. Meredith Thomsen at with any additional questions. If interested in any other organisms, be sure to check out some of our classmates websites at!