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My name is Megan Roundy and I am a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse.  I am currently a biology major and plan on continuing my education through audiology.  This website was created for bio 203 (Organismal Biology) in order to learn more about the Nomascus hainanus.


I am from a small town in Wisconsin called Wrightstown. I grew up surrounded by farms and my backyard is consumed by trees.  I enjoy spending time outdoors, especially with my family and friends. My family includes my mom and dad along with two brothers; one older and one younger than myself.


In completing this website, I developed the classification, adaptaion, and habitat topic pages.


My name is Samantha Wirkus and I am a second year student at UW-L. I am majoring in biology and would like to enter the genetic counseling program after I complete my undergraduate work. We created this website as part of our Organismal Biology class with Dr. Gerrish and Dr. Osmundson for the spring 2014 semester. I created the nutrition, reproduction, and interactions pages of this website.

I grew up 25 miles from La Crosse in a small town called Galesville. I have a large family as I am the youngest of 7; I have 4 older brothers and 2 older sisters. I love to spend time with my siblings, nephews, nieces, and all of my family (and of course my dog). I love to be on the river waterskiing and camping.


If you have any questions please contact either of us here:

Megan Roundy can be contacted at

Sam Wirkus can be contacted at


To learn about the projects that are being done in order to save the gibbons click here.

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