The polygyrids are believed to be predominantly mycophagous, which means they primarily feed on fungi. Snails that were researched by Walter C. Blinn were found to also ingest rotting wood. As well, the chief food of the snail Mesodon thyroidus (Say), which is also in the Polygyridae family, is wood nettle (Blinn, 1963). And since Allogona profunda (Say) is in this family, we are able to make assumptions that Allogona profunda (Say) may also eat wood nettle. While doing research in Cook County, Illinois Blinn also found ash and elm tree leaves that had evidence of snails feeding on them (Blinn, 1963). During another one of Blinn’s research studies, he stated that after examining the snails on a daily basis he gave them fresh lettuce and water (Blinn, 1964).