Cochlicopa lubricella (Poro 1938)- Thin Pillar Snail

Life of the Thin Pillar Snail

Let's take a look at what makes these little snails tick like where they live how they reproduce and then some other fun facts about them.  Cochlicopa lubricella (Poro 1938) are found all over the world in dryer habitats  (Outerio, et al. 1990)  They are commonly found in meadows along roadsides, and they are usually not found in the woods.   (Hubricht. L 1985).  This family of snails tends to eat dead plant matter and microbial fungi. (Nordsiek. 2009)  The Cochlicopa lubricella has fairly small male genitallia.  (Outerio, et al. 1990) Self fertilization is the main way of breeding among the Cochlicopa lubricella.   (Armbruster, G 1997).  A fun fact about the Cochlicopa lubricella (Poro 1938) is they were thought to have evolved during the Mesozoic period.  (Pilsbry.  1939-1948).  Now that we've completed discovering the Cochlicopa lubricella feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and check out the links I have posted. 


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