Gastrocopta holzingeri  lives in a variety of locations around the United States, and has even been discovered in Canada.  However, most of them are found in Western New York, Montana, Illinois, Kansas, New Mexico, Wisconsin, and Ontario, Canada (Franzen, 1947). The lambda snaggletooth is able to survive all over the North American-continent because it can live in a variety of habitats. Primarily, the snail can be found living in sheltered areas, among rocks, shrubs, grass or timbered areas (Miller, 1964). The snail has also been found to live under rotting logs or decaying branches (Metcalf, 1962). Most of these habitats are moist and sheltered, providing protection for the snail. In spite of this, some of these snails have been found living in a dry environment (Metcalf, 1962), which lays testament to the snail's resiliency.