Scientific Name: Haplotrema concavum
Translation: Flat-disc snail

Domain: Eukarya
    The defining membrane-bound structure that sets eukaryotic cells apart from prokaryotic cells is the nucleus, or nuclear envelope, within which the genetic material is carried.

Kingdom: Animalia
    Multicellular eukaryotic organisms that are heterotrophic.

Phylum:  Mollusca (molluscus, soft)
    A group of invertebrates that have a soft body, a muscular foot, and usually a hard shell.

Class: Gastropoda (gaster, stomach + podos, foot)
    A class of mollusc which typically have a single, often coiled shell, a head, unsegmented soft body, and a muscular foot for locamotion.

Subclass:  Pulmonata (pulmo, lung)
    A subclass of Gastropoda whose gills have disappeared and the mantle cavity has become modified into a lung.

Order:  Stylommatophora (styl, column + omm, eyes + phor, carry)
    Snails and slugs with eyes are situated at the tips of the second pair of tentacles.

Family:  Haplotrematidae
    A family of snails who are carnivorous air breathing land snail widely distributed in North America.

Genus:  Haplotrema
    Predatory air-breathing land snails, that is the primary genus in the Haplotrematidae family.

Species:  Haplotrema concavum
    A species of carnivorous land snails that is know for its flat disc shape and grayish appearance.