Lucilla inermis - Oldfield Coil


Where the Oldfield Coil Lives

The Class Gastropoda are found in freshwater, marine, and terrestrial habitats. Helicodiscus inermis is classified as a terrestrial land snail. They have been known to inhabit mostly North America, specifically eastern Mexico all the way up to very southern Canada (Nekola, 2010). There has been an extensive amount of research done to determine the habitat and geography likes and dislikes of land snails. However, Helicodiscus inermis have not been found in any one specific area. Typically, Oldfield Coil are found in upland grasslands.

Upland grassland examples:

  • Tallgrass prairie
  • Sand dune
  • Bedrock glade
  • Igneous shoreline
    (Nekola, 2003)


Land snails survive on the ground which means they live in soil. H. inermis were found living in both duff and turf soil (Nekola, 2003). Duff soil is considered to be organic material that is decomposing. Turf soil is matted down grass and plant roots that form a layer on the ground ( These soil types are more prevalent to be dry and have additional sunlight. The genus Helicodiscus prefers temperate latitudes. Many Oldfield Coil have been found in Iowa, Illinois, southern Wisconsin, and Michigan throughout the Mid-West. Further studies have shown Oldfield Coil has no preference in their soil acidity, and it is unknown their exact liking (Nekola, 2010). H. inermis does not have a wide range of studies done to determine their probable habitat range and how they like to live.



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