BIO 203


Kingdom:                           Animalia
   Phylum:                             Mollusca
      Class:                                 Gastropoda
         Superfamily:                      Punctoidea
            Family:                              Helicodiscidae
                Genus:                               Helicodiscus
                   Subgenus:                         Helicodiscus
                        Species:                             Helicodiscus parallelus


Animalia:  This organism is multi-cellular and eukaryotic.

Mollusca:  This organism is an invertebrate that has evolved a large mantle and mantle cavity, which are used for multiple purposes such as propulsion, secretion of a shell, and operating lung-like cavities.

Gastropoda:  This organism has a visceral mass on it's dorsal side, and a muscular foot on the ventral side. (Gastro-stomach, pod-foot).

Helicodiscus:  This organism is a terrestrial, pulmonate gastropod.