Stenotrema hirsutum is commonly known as the Hairy Slitmouth because of its hairy appearance.  The word "steno" means narrow and "trema" means extremely. This is referring to the fact that Stenotrema hirsutum have extremely narrow mouths or apertural openings. The word "hirsute" means hairy, which refers to their hairy appearance and tecture.

Domain - Eukarya

Eukaryotes contain membrane bound organelles and a membrane bound nucleus.

Kingdom - Animalia

Kingdom Animalia contains animals that lack a cell wall, are heterotrophs, have true tissue layers, and contain an embryo that goes through a blastula stage.

Phylum - Mollusca

Mollusca have an open circulatory system, a mantle, and a specialized nervous system.  It also has bilateral symmetry and is acoelomate.

Class - Gastropoda

Gastropods display a coiled shell and torsion.  It also contains a radula, foot, and visceral mass.

Subclass - Pulmonata

Pulmonates possess a lung like cavity in which gas exchange occurs.

Order - Stylommatophora

Stenotrema hirsutum has eyes situated on top of their tentacles and contains a long pedal gland placed beneath the membrane. 

Family - Polygyridae

Family Polygyridae contain no dart apparatus, have jaws that are ribbed, and have muscles which allow the eyes and the pharynx to be retracted into a single band.

Genus - Stenotrema

Stenotrema have a velvety or hairy surface, narrow aperture, and closely guarded by well developed teeth. 

 Species- Stenotrema hirsutum

Information for classification was taken from (Hickman et al.. 2007), (Lee, 1952), and (Martin, 2000).

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