Although Vertigo ovata, Say, 1822, is a terrestrial snail, like the other members of the Vertigo genus, it requires a lot of humidity (Killeen, 2003). V. ovata is typically found in marshes, wetlands, swamps, and along ponds. Specimens can also often be found under leaves or decaying matter in moist areas (Hubricht, 1985). Members of the Vertigo genus are spread throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. North America has the richest diversity, with an estimated two-thirds of the known species taxa living there (Nekola et. al., 2009).

V. ovata has the largest geographical range of any Vertigo species in the United States. As shown in the map below, it is most prevalent in the Midwestern and Eastern states (Pilsbry, 1939-1948). See what adaptations V. ovata has evolved to survive in these environments.