Habitat preferences of Stenotrema barbatum can be inferred from the study, "Terrestrial gastropod fauna of Northeastern Wisconsin and the Southern Upper Peninsula of Michigan," done by Jeffrey C. Nekola.  In this study, he documented which species of snails were found in various, specific sites.  It was discovered that Stenotrema barbatum was found in the sites of Tamaracks and Fens.

Fens are lowland grasslands typically found at sites with excess ground water.  Therefore, they have higher soil moisture, as well as cooler soil temperatures than the other surrounding sites.

Tamaracks are lowland forests that are typically found in areas underlain by calcareous bedrock or till.  The surface soil can vary from acidic to neutral or alkaline.  However, most of the litter collection was done from the neutral or alkaline soil areas (Nekola, 2003).

From this information, it can be concluded that this particular snail prefers habitats in lowland grasslands or lowland forests in which the soil is high in moisture, cool in temperature, and contains a neutral or alkaline Ph.

The distribution of known populations of Stenotrema barbatum are concentrated in the Midwest and Eastern United States, which can be seen on this picture taken from the Encyclopedia of Life. 









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