Classification of Glyphyalinia indentata

Common name: Carved glyph

Scientific name: Glyphyalinia indentata

                Glyph is Greek meaning carving/to hollow out (

 Kingdom: Animalia (Organisms are multicellular and heterotrophic)

                Phylum: Mollusca (Organisms are soft-bodied invertebrate)

Class: Gastropoda (For more information see Class: Gastropoda link)                     

                              Order: Stylommatophora (for more information see Order: Stylommatophora link)

Family: Zonitidae

Genus: Glyphyalinia (for more information see Genus: Glyphyalinia)

Species: Glyphyalinia indentata   


The classification of Glyphyalinia indentata was found on the Encyclopedia of Life


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