Vertigo milium (Gould)



Little research has been done specifically upon Vertigo milium in reproduction and nutrition, but here is some information about land snails in general...


In the Phylum Mollusca, many of the snails eat by using radula. Radula can be found on the base of the foot of the species.

The Vertigo milium uses its radula to scrape and rasp food off of rocks and other debris. (Ramsauer) You can usually find the gastropod feeding on leaves, fruits, and a variety of vegetables.

Snails are sought out as a diet by predators such as birds, amphibians, mammals, and reptiles. (Snail world)


Snails can either be dioecious or monoecious. Dioecious is when there are two seperate sexes, male and female. Monoecious is hermaphoditic, which means a single organism has both male parts and female parts. (Hickman, 2009)

Currently, some specific reproduction stages of the species Vertigo milium could not be identified. I was unable to find information currently on this subject, but looking at the family Vertiginidae, the reproduction of the species will most likely be very similar.

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