Somatogyrus depressus is more commonly called the sandbar pebblesnail which tells us a lot about its habitat.  It is found in the drainage of the upper Mississippi River in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois and its southernmost distribution limit is Missouri (Wu et al. 1997).  It is very similar to Somatogyrus rosewateri but they are not very similar in distribution (Wu et al. 1997). 

Somatogyrus depressus is part of the family Hydrobiidae which has evolved to inhabit just about every available type of aquatic environment.  In Missouri, they live in small spring runs, large rivers, high energy riffles, calmer pool-like situations, and everything in between (Wu et al. 1997).



 After learning about the habitat of Somatogyrus depressus let's take a closer look at Appearance.