Domain: Eukarya
              Kingdom: Animalia
                   Phylum: Mollusca
                      Class: Gastropoda
                            Order: Basommatophora
                                  Family: Lymnaeidae
                                      Genus: Stagnicola
Species: Stagnicola catascopium
                                                           Lymnaeidae catascopium
                                                           Lymnaea catascopium

*Taxonomic information from Integrated Taxonomic Information System                                                                                                                                           Photo taken outside of my house in La Crosse, WI 


Eukarya--organisms that have a membrane bound nucleus (EOL)
Animalia--(Metazoans) organisms that lack a cell wall, are heterotrophic (don't make their own food; rely on other animals for food) and are multicellular. (EOL)
Mollusca--organisms with a triploblastic body plan, have an open circulatory system (no capillaries) and a complete digestive system. (Hickman, 2009)
Gastropoda--organisms that have a singular, usually coiled shell, have a foot for movement and undergo torsion (rotation of the visceral mass placing the anus above the head). (EOL)
Lymnaeidae--freshwater snails that have triangular tentacles and have heads that are divided into two flat, lateral lobes. (


The woodland pondsnail was given it's scientific name because of where it lives; because this snail is usually found in stagnant bodies of water; Stagni=stagnant.

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