Domain: Eukarya

            Organisms within this domain possess a nucleus which houses the DNA information.

Kingdom: Animalia

Organisms within this kingdom are eukaryotic, heterotrophic (meaning they cannot get food or energy via photosynthesis), multi-cellular, and do not possess a cell wall.

Phylum: Mollusca

Organisms with in this phylum have a coelom, have a head and an open circulatory system. These organisms also have a radula, and developed eyes.

Class: Gastropoda

Most organisms in this class have torsion, a single shell, and a visceral mass.

Order: Stylommatophora

Organisms within this order are terrestrial, and therefore are pulmonates, meaning their body has been adapted to be a lung, so the organism can breathe air. These organisms also have eyes at the end of their tentacles.

Family: Pupillidae

                                                      Terrestrial organisms in this family are pulmonates.

Genus: Gastrocopta