Most terrestrial snails are hermaphroditic, which means that each individual possess both male and female reproductive organs( Since both individuals contain both sperm and egg, after mating, which may take several hours, both individuals will lay the fertilized eggs in nests dug out of moist soil( This process of reproduction is referred to as direct development. The snail will lay several dozen eggs, which will then remain in ground, covered by the moist soil, until it is time for them to hatch.

While searching for reproduction information, I discovered the snail farming website of a snail farmer from Ireland named Sean Lambden. He had some really nice photos of land snails laying eggs. Below are a couple of the photos I found. I hope you find these photos helpful.

Several snails can occupy this space and my take up to 36 hours to lay their eggs, according to Sean Lambden, the snail farmer who observed them.

Here is a really nice picture of the dirt pulled out of the pot that the snails were laying the eggs in. As you can see, there are several dozen eggs left behind by each snail.