Geographic Distribution

Polygyra cereolus is a species native to the southeastern United States particularly Florida; normally being found towards the west coast from Clearwater to Sanibel Island, and all of the Florida Keys up to the Miami area (Pilsbry, 1940). Research in 2008 edited by Kathryn E. Perez  and James R. Cordeiro show that the species has widened its range in the United States to Alabama, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and even as far west as Texas (Perez and Cordeiro, 2008).


Polygyra cereolus is typically found in soil around decomposing plants, dead wood, and  around human gardens (Capinera and White, 2011). Due to adaptations increasing their survivability in fluctuating climate P.cereolus have also been known to gather in human altered areas such as graveyards, drainage collections, lawns, and roadsides as long as the environment is generally shaded and moist (Lee, 2000).

Polygyra cereolus (Mühlfeld, 1816) Southern Flatcoil From FCCJ

Polygyra cereolus (Mühlfeld, 1816) Southern Flatcoil



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