Mesodon sanus


The organism is native to the states of Louisiana, Alabama and Tennessee as evident in the map below (Nature Serve, 2012). The species can be found on the hillsides of Monte Sano in Big Cove, AL, and also in Huntsville and Madison, AL (Pilsbry, 1940).

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Mesodon sanus is a completely terrestrial species that can be found in wooded areas with many leaves on the forest floor (Nature Serve, 2012).  The species is a attracted to areas where calcium carbonate is available, so it can be found in habitats containing limestone, and in wooded valleys and forested hillsides (Pilsbry, 1940). Which is why the snail can be found on the calcium carbonate containing ledges on Monte Sano (Pilsbry, 1940).

This species of snail like many others prefers humid weather (Pilsbry, 1940). For this reason, Alabama is an ideal place for this species of snail. The relative humidity in Huntsville, AL is 65-76% all year long, creating a very humid environment for the snails to bask in (Hunstville Alabama USA). There is also a relatively constant amount of rainfall all year, the average being 4.9 inches a month (Huntsville Alabama USA). Mesodon Sanus is a species that prefers moist conditions like those that occur during and after rainfall, making Alabama the perfect habitat. Another prime time for the snail to appear is upon nightfall when conditions are damp (Pilsbry, 1940). A difference between young and adult snails is that the younger snails often do a lot more wandering than adult snails, who generally stay hidden under plants or brush (Pilsbry, 1940).

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