Where in the world is Mesodon mitchellianus??

Mesodon mitchellianus occupies the eastern half of the United States, as far west as Missouri and as far east as New York (DiscoverLife, 2012). The sealed gobelet is also found locally in Wisconsin (DiscoverLife, 2012)!

M. mitchellianus is commonly found in forests covered by fallen trees, buried under deteriorating leaves, or laying in the soil (Binney, 1885). They are found in areas such as these because they rely on decaying plant material for food.

It is closely related to a well known snail, Mesodon thyroidus, and shares a similar environment. M. thyroidus lives in prairie and forest conditions which consist of a variety of grass species (Land Snails, 2010). They are also found in wooded areas and along the banks of creeks (Land Snails, 2010).

Another closely related snail is Mesodon clausus, more commonly called the yellow gobelet (Land Snails, 2010). It shares the woody area and land near water habitats with M. thyroidus, or white-lip globe. Different from M. thyroidus, the yellow gobelet occupies only forests (Land Snails, 2010).

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