Polygyrid snails are land snails, found all over North America.  They are often found in areas containing limestone (Brian F. Coles, Gerald E. Walsh, 2002).  Patera roemeri, more specifically, are found in parts of Texas and Oklahoma (EOL, 2011).  Snails can be found in gardens, where there is a good supply of fresh vegetables for them to eat (Land Snails, FOSS, 2011), or out in the forest where they can find their food of microorganisms on leafy debris (A. J. Cain,  R. H. Cowie, 1983).  According to the FOSS website, snails need to be in moist environments.  If the habitat of the snail becomes too dry, the snail will retract into its shell and become somewhat dormant until wetter conditions return, a behavior called estivation (Land Snails, FOSS, 2011). 


*Location of Patera roemeri*