• Domain- Eukarya
  • Kingdom-Animalia
  • Phylum-Mollusca
  • Class-Gastropoda
  • Order-Stylommatophora
  • Family-Polygyridae
  • Genus-Millerelix
  • Species-Millerelix plicata (Formerly known as Polygyra plicata)
  • Common Name-Cumberland Liptooth



Domain: The domain Eukarya consists of any single, or multicellular organisms that have membrane-bound cells with a true nucleus and many organelles that perform a variety of functions for the cell (The Free Dictionary, 2012).

Kingdom: The kingdom Anamalia consists of multicellular, eukaryiotic organisms that must ingest other organisms or substances for nourishment (Myers, 2001).

Phylum: The phylum Mollusca consists of a large variety of invertebrates that have soft bodies. Most organisms in this phylum produce shells made of calcium carbonate that is created from a soft covering on their body called the mantle (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2012).

Class: The class Gastropoda is the largest class in the phylum Mollusca and consists of a variety of species of snails, whelks, slugs, limpets, etc. Gastropods are characterized by majority of the species having a calcium carbonate shell which they can retract into for protection, and the torsion of their visceral mass (Gillis, 2012).

Order: The order Stylommatophora consists of terrestrial slugs and snails that have developed lungs to breathe air. Organisms in order Stylommatophora are also known for having two pairs of retractile tentacles used for senory organs and eye stalks (Wikipedia, 2012).

Family: The family Polygyridae consists of terrestrial snails that are all hermaphrodites and lack "love darts" (Wikipedia, 2012).

Genus: The genus Millerelix has a spermatheca duct that is always slender.  The Penis of Millerelix has a simple wall that does not have a sheath, and the penis does not taper towards the apex.  The snails in this group are commonly recognized by liptooths on the openings of their shells (Pilsbry,1940).

Species: The species Millerlix plicata has a perforate shell, the last whorl of that shell is expanding into a wide umbilicus about 2 1/4 to 3 times in diameter. Millerlix plicata typically has a five whorl shell ranging in height from around 2.8 mm to 3.1 mm and a diameter ranging from 5.5 mm to 7.7 mm (Pilsbry,1940).


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