Habitats of animals depend on many factors including: reproductive success, predators/prey, food source, weather, and many other factors.

Patera clarki has been located in only four states in the south eastern part of the United States including Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

North Caroline/Tennessee: Found in the Great Smokey Mountains from 3700 to 6500 feet (Pilsbry, 1940).

Georgia: Found in Tallulah Falls and on Black Rock Mountain (Pilsbry, 1940). This is a map distribution of the Patera clarki compliment of EOL.org

Land snails live in most any type of terrestrial habitats, including but not limited to soils, caves, vegetation, and tree canopies (Heller, 2001). Needing moisture and food these snails are often found in forests or near rivers/lakes were they have easy access to water and food. Unfortunately, these snails are imperiled meaning they are in danger of becoming endangered species or even extinct (Eol.org, 2012). This is unfortunate because they are important to their ecosystem.

Importance: These snails are massively important to the forests as they are herbivores and they tend to feed on decomposing leaves and plants. Other organisms that live around the snail go from earthworms to wolves to fish, as there are a lot of organisms that need to be near water sources and thrive in forests. Other organisms such as plants benefit greatly as they are allowed more space to grow because the snail helps decomposing plants disappear. The plants are benefited because this allows for more growth. Organisms such as animals are
benefited when more plants grow. Then herbivores have more food for consumption, which means they mate and then there are more prey for the predators allowing them to thrive. Not to mention they serve as a food source themselves.