Map of where Patera clarki nantahala are distributed - Photo credit to Natureserve 

    The Patera clarki nantahala is endemic to North Carolina (LeGrand et al., 2008).  They are distributed in the Nantahala Gorge of the Western part of North Carolina (LeGrand et al., 2008).  Apparently, cliffs within this region offer a source of calcium to the Patera clarki nantahala which helps in shell maintenance and formation (Lowe et al., 1990). Snails in general favor habitats with moisture and a surplus of food supply (Burch, 1962).  According to Burch, land snails are nocturnal with the exception of their emergence during the day after a rainstorm.  Snails are able to adapt to harsh environmental conditions such as droughts (Burch, 1962).

Closer map view of where the Patera clarki nantahala snail live - Photo credit to Benbennick 

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