Summer Fishfly (Chauliodes pectinicornis)


The Summer Fishfly is most commonly found in eastern and central North America, including southern Canada (Bug guide 2012). They typically live near bodies of water such as ponds, lakes, streams, spring seeps, rivers, and even temporarily dry streambeds. The larvae are aquatic and therefore inhabit both lentic (still water) and lotic (moving water) environments. The larvae tend to burrow into soft substrate and crevices or hide under stones or bark. The eggs, pupae, Diagram of North America where the Summer Fishfly is found retrieved from on 3/27/12and adults are all terrestrial but tend to live in the same area as the larvae. The eggs are normally found in groups on leaves, branches, rocks, and possibly bridges that are overhanging the aquatic habitat. Pupae are located in the shoreline soil and litter nearby the larval habitat. Adults are found in the same general area as the larvae (Schlager and Hutchins 2003).






Current regions of North America populated by the Summer Fishfly (in blue) 



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