Permission to use image by Pierre Deviche at http://www.azdragonfly.net/species/common-green-darner. A Common Green Darner on a twig.According to the Royal British Columbia Museum, "darners probably got their name from the old superstition that they sew up the lips of naughty boys with their slender abdomens--the devil's darning needles" (Proche and Runyan 1996).

The Common Green Darner is also referred to as the "Mosquito Hawk" due do its feeding habits. (e-ReferenceDesk 2011).

Anax junius is the official insect of Washington state (e-ReferenceDesk 2011).

Dragonflies are sensitive to pollution, therefore, being surrounded by dragonflies means it is a healthy environment (Grunberg and Allen 2007).

Dragonflies are unable to fold their wings back and out of the way (Marshall 2006).

Dragonflies are able to fly vertically in the air, they Permission to use image by Glenn Corbiere at http://www.dragonhunter.net/flight.html. The Common Green Darner in flight.can hover, and they are allowed to go backwards (Marshall 2006).

Anax junius is able to fly as fast as 45 miles per hour (Marshall 2006).

The average length of the body of a Common Green Darner dragonfly is 2.7"-3.2" (Marshall 2006).

The average wingspan of the Common Green Darner dragonfly is 4.2" (Marshall 2006).

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