Habitat and Environment

A deciduous forest (fall cycle), the common home for North American P. polyturator.

P. polyturator has a large range.  It's total range stretches from central Canada all the way down to the mountain ranges of South America (Krombein, et al 1979).  However, we will just focus on the wasp's North American range. 

The wasp is common in the the Mid-west and Eastern coasts of the United States (Arnett 1985).  It is also common to find it in central and eastern Canada.  They are most common in the deciduous forests in these regions (Krombein, et al 1979).  Deciduous forests have four seasons (Blue Planet Biomes 2000). The winter season, with it's cold temperatures, could be a main driving force in the wasps parthenogenetic reproduction cycle.

The observed North American Range of P. polyturator

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