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Facts on Endangerment

    Timber harvest, mining and grazing have affected most of the original range, but now there are highways, roads, and parks interfering with the Allogona lombardii preferred habitat along much of the Lochsa and part of the Selway region of Idaho (Frest and Johannes, 1997).

    At this pace the Allogona lombardii will surely become extinct and it is all due to the intensive displacement they endure by the logging and grazing. Since snails are consumed avidly by many small mammals, amphibians, and by a number of birds, they will soon face extinction due to the destruction of their habitat. Unless people contact their local wildlife agencies and Forest services and inform them, that the Allogona lombardii are endangered and needs help. Inform others to spread awareness on endangered species and get funding to such conversation agencies that are trying to protect these organisms like the A. lombardii.

   Websites such the following will be willing to help with enough awareness and motivation!,,,

   Together we can help a species get back up from the border line of extinction! References