ClassificationDaedalochila auriformis

Scientific name: Daedalochila auriformis

"Auri-" - relating to the ear 

"Form-"  - shape

Common name: Rockpile liptooth : Got its name for soliciting on rocks, mainly limestone, and for the modified tooth used for gathering food and nutrition

Domain - Eukarya : Daedalochila auriformis is a multi-celled

Kingdom Animalia : Is an animal

Phylum - Mollusca :unsegmented and bilaterally symmetrical, has a mantle cavity, The anus and genitals open into the mantle cavity, There are two pairs of main nerve cords.

Class Gastropoda : Can be classified as a gastropod because of the180 degree twisting of the visceral mass called torsion that occurs during the development in veliger larva

Order Stylommatophora: possesses two pair of tentacles with eyes located at the tip of the posterior pair.

Family - Polygyridae : the use of the foot for locomotion

Genus - Daedalochila : elaborately convoluted apertures, with only very narrow openings

SpeciesDaedalochila auriformis