The classification of Corydalus cornutus and the characteristics of each category.

Domain- Eukarya                          

          Organisms have DNA enclosed in a nucleus (Animals/Wildlife Guide, 2012).

 Kingdom Animalia                            

          A multicellular organism that lacks a cell wall  (Animals/Wildlife Guide, 2012).

Phylum Arthropoda                           

          Bilateral symmetry, a segmented body, an exoskeleton, and jointed appendages (Animals/Wildlife Guide, 2012).

 Class Insecta                                      

          Three main body parts (head, thorax, and abdomen) three pairs of legs, two pairs of winds, compound eyes, complex mouthparts (Animals/Wildlife, Guide 2012).

Order Megaloptera                            

           Includes in Alderflies, Dobsonflies and Fishflies  (Bugguide, 2012).

Family Corydalidae                          

         Includes Dobsonflies and Fishflies (Bugguide, 2012).

Genus Corydalus

Species cornutus                                

The scientific name is Corydalus cornutus. The species name cornutus comes from the Latin word cornut meaning horned (Bugguide, 2012).                            

The common name for the adult form is eastern dobsonfly and the common name for the larva is hellgrammite (Hall, 2008).


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