Information on the reproduction of Necrophila americana is scarce and therefore the information provided below is about the more general genus Necrophila, not the specific species Necrophila americana.

In the genus Necrophila, reproduction takes place at the site of a carcass. Eggs are then laid on or around the carcass where the eggs hatch and begin to feed on the dead organic matter. The only condition that is required for reproduction is the presence of a carcass otherwise reproduction will not occur (Brown and Wilson, 1992).

Also, it is known that the genus Necrophila become most active between the months of May and August. The beetles during this time period search for carcasses that are suitable to lay their eggs and also being to search for a mate (Raffa and Werner, 2003).

 Photo taken by John Abbott

Above: The above photo is a picture of the American carrion beetles larva. Also visible in the picture are mites that live among the beetle.