Domain:  Eukarya 

Eukaryotic, mutlicellular, cell division by mitosis

Kingdom:  Animalia

Animal, heterotrophic, sexual reproduction, lack a cell wall

Phylum:  Arthropoda

Arthropod, paired joint segments, exoskeleton made of chitin, open circulatory system, nervous system

Class:  Insecta

Insect, body divided into head, thorax and abdomen, 3 pairs of legs, multi-jointed antennae

Order:  Hymenoptera

Wasp, membrane-like unequal wings, paralyze prey, stinger                                                                                     

Family:  Pompilidae

Spider wasp, slender with long legs, wings not folded flat on top of the abdomen

Genus:  Anopilus

Blue-Black Spider Wasp

Species:  Anoplius aethiops

Common Name: Black-Blue Spider Wasp

Latin Translation:  Anoplius of Ethiopia

(Species Anoplius aethiops)